How Do I Buy Legal Growth Hormone in the US?

Now that you have weeded out the multitude of illegally operating websites, you are ready to get legal HGH For Sale. Not so fast, you still must receive a growth hormone deficiency diagnosis.

To do so, you will first contact a hormone specialist, such as the ones here at our clinic. When you do, you will have a medical consultation to review your symptoms and ascertain if HGH deficiency is a possibility. The next step is blood analysis. Once a sample of your blood is collected first thing in the morning by a lab technician, it can be measured for a variety of health concerns that could cause your symptoms. You will also undergo a physical examination aimed at ensuring you are a qualified candidate for HGH therapy.

Finally, your doctor will require a completed health assessment form or questionnaire. When all the above have been done, the hormone specialist can review the results and determine if you are growth hormone deficiency. Only then you can legally buy HGH.